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Space Creation

One of Alli's clients, Nancy, was having a substantially large home built. Nancy asked Alli to design the details of the new master closet. Having spent more than a few hours with Nancy and an entire afternoon in Nancy's current closet, Alli took the time to create a space that would not only maximize the available space, but also addressed Nancy and her husband's lifestyle. They put Alli's drawings in the hands of their builder and he built a useful space.

Another client has twin 4 year old boys (and 3 other children as well). They wanted to use the space under the boy's beds to the greatest extent. They asked Alli to create the space, allowing for clothing, toys and flexibility as the boys aged. Alli took this one a step further than usual. She created a mock of the space. The client was thrilled with a 3-dimensional model which showed how the space could be changed with adjustable dividers. Alli can design spaces. The building of those spaces is out of her realm, but she has a few carpenters/craftsmen in her rolodex to give you exactly what you want.


Ok, who doesn't know this scenario: the bills are stacked high, the insurance policies are mixed in with the applicance warranties, the mortgage papers and every catalog known to man are on the floor and last years' vehicle registration renewal is being used as a coaster for the ugly coffee cup your co-worker gave you for your birthday? It can be managed. Allicadabra can put a system in place to keep everything tidy. You'll be amazed how much more productive you will be in an office that's well organized.

Befor & After Office


Folks spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is frequently a gathering place, not only for family and friends, but a gathering place for kids' school books, the daily mail, videos that need to be returned to the video store, anything you can imagine, including the groceries and necessary kitchen items. Together we can come up with a plan to keep the kitchen the well organized area it needs to be so you can prepare the family meals in the most efficient way. We'll also get rid of the coupons that expired seven months ago and keep the spice rack separated from the cat food.

Before & After Kitchen


It's a known fact that crooks will watch driveways. If they realize you can't get your car in the garage, they know when you are home, and when you aren't. For your family's protection, let's get in there and clear it out! The garage frequently becomes the catch-all area for everything that doesn't have a "proper" place. Very quickly the garage can become a jungle where you can no longer park your car, and you can't find or get to the stuff you do need. Garages can be organized with some well-chosen and placed storage shelves and bins. Add in a lot of patience to get the job done (and the inevitable trash can) and you get your garage back in ship-shape.

Before & After Garage

Attics & Basements

Very similar to the garage (but without the car, I hope), however, a bigger trash can is probably necessary.


I have some clothes in my closet from the 70s. Do you? We all need to face reality and realize bell bottoms are not going to come back into style. And, if you're keeping things that are a little too snug right now, letting them go and promising yourself the reward of a new outfit when you drop those extra pounds might be the incentive you need! Let's clear out the clothes and shoes and belts and coats and single socks that have taken up residence in here. No problem, just neatly arrange. You'll love the results!


Overstuffed drawers, too many tubes of open toothpastes, no toilet paper in sight....Just some quick and easy organizing tools and you are primped to go.

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