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Home Staging

If you are getting ready to put your house on the real estate market, call Allicadabra. Alli has 15 years of experience as a set dresser in the entertainment industry in Hollywood (she has worked on Ellen and Mad About You and many others), so she is ready, willing, and able to work in any arena imaginable.

Whatever you have (or don't have), Alli can create an appealing "set" that will show your property in its best possible light. Alli has taken her own advice when she has sold personal real estate holdings and the results were always the same...SOLD! and in a very short time frame.


Some staging companies charge by the square foot, so if your home is 1900 square feet the staging company (who frequently charge $1 per square foot) would hand you bill for $1900. I'm sure these folks do a fine job, but not every square foot of the house gets staged. Alli charges by the hour. She'll come over and estimate the time necessary to do the job and it is all but guaranteed that it will be a whole lot less money than the other guys. Not only that, it will have been fun, efficient and fabulous. You might not want to move when Alli is done.


Home staging can also include purging out of things that haven't served the family. Alli is happy to take these items to the charitable organization of your choice and give you the tax deductible receipt for your generous donations. If items are sellable, Alli can offer advice about consignment, Craigslist, garage sales, etc.

This is a great bonus to the staging process in that items not included in the move will reduce the weight of the movers load. This could prove to be a great money saving technique (movers do in fact charge by the weight of the load). This will also ease the move-in process at your destination.

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